Why the point of a new sketch line doesn't snap in place in a body?

Hi Kevin,
I would like some more help if you please. I am creating the screw driver that you made in the youtube and I have a problem that I have face again. Why when I am trying in that case to create a "3 point Arc" the cross don't auto snap in place at any place and direction like yours? Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong?

Print the same text in 6 faces of the nut with auto way?

Hello Kevin,
Do you know if there is a way to add a text in one side of a nut and the then with some way like mirror option the text will be print in the other fives sides at the same possition? We can do it manually but I think it will be good exercise to learn about the possibilities of the fusion 360. Maybe you have made already a video with something like that but I didn't find something similar on your channel.

M12 Nut and Bolt v4.f3d 90.5 KB

Nut thread fillet error

Hello Kevin,
I tried to add fillet at the nut's threads but always shows me the below message whatever number I put. Allso I saw that one line (in yellow circle) of thead is not selected with the others and if I select only this on the fillet is placed without error but only in this line. I try to select this line with the others with shift but again error.
 Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?

error message:
Error:   The fillet/chamfer could not be created at the requested size.
    Try adjusting the size, deselecting some of the edges (try disabling Tangent Chain), or using multiple separate operations.