Michael M

Retired, Hobbyist Woodworker
B.A. in Math, retired after 14 years as a manual and then CAD drafter, 8 years in CAD technical support, then 12 years in general I.T. I also play with spreadsheets and graphics software, and enjoy music, guitar, and sci-fi.

Post-formatting help

Does this new Community space have any help section that would explain to newbies like me how to use these commands (listed by typing "/") to do special formatting when posting something? It's not something I expect to do often, but it would be nice to know how if I wanted to.  🙂


I'm located in the U.S., in a small town in the southern tier of New York State. Because of my work background, I took to using CAD/graphical software for my personal projects in the early '90s. Having been exposed to 3D solid modeling software at work, I was an early adopter of Google's free Sketchup application when it was introduced and continued to use it for my woodworking projects until early 2020. After becoming frustrated by Trimble's lack of support for the free Sketchup Make, and encountering various limitations with Sketchup itself, I decided it was time to try something else. After researching various offerings, I decided that Fusion 360 offered the best overall combination of features, ease-of-use, and support.

Frankly, there is a lot in F360 that I will never use, but the fact that Autodesk is willing to offer these tools to non-commercial hobbyists is encouraging. Aside from the abundant feature set, I'm especially happy with the parametric capabilities of Fusion, although this also introduces one of the biggest frustrations - not clearly understanding how relationships with assemblies, sub-assemblies, and copied elements are stored parametrically, and how to track down and correct inconsistencies and errors when they occur. 

I look forward to being part of this community. Having numerous users available to address a problem or question will help keep Kevin from being overwhelmed so he can continue to create helpful content!