Avram Grossman

Software developer now learning Fusion 360 for fun and profit.

Feeling Stuck. Components that fit together

As an example, I'm trying to make something like a PEZ dispenser.
I will create Components for Slider, Container, Sleeve and Ejector.  Each part fits inside the other. I thought of making each part a component with it's own features and timeline. I created Bodies but then I get lost in the timeline looking for objects that need adjustment. I'm stuck on how to use the dimensions of each previous component f
or the next. Are there some video tutorials that might help me learn this?  I've seen the slider box but to no avail.

Hello from IrvineCAGuy in Irvine, CA

New to Fusion 360 and printing with a refurbished Ultimaker 2+ (did the conversion myself.)  Learning quickly thanks for Kevin's clear, concise tutorials.  (not the "click here then that thing" but detailed explanations so you can see what he's doing, and where.)  Glad to be a part of the 3D community