General problem manufacturing workspace

Hi Kevin,

I just wanted to try out the slicer in Fusion360 for my Prusa i3MK3S. I managed to setup the machine in the workspace and was hoping for at least a basic bunch of print material. There only seems to be PVA (the support material) and nothing else. Even not PLA or PETG (which would work for my setup). This is a little bit disappointing. Is there a way to import the settings for the print materials from any other slicing software?

On one of my Fusion360 machines (both MacOS Catalina (success) and Big Sur), I was not able to install the OctoPrint plugin for Fusion on one machine. Installation finished without any errors.
On the machine that worked, I was able to connect to OctoPrint without any further problems.

The installation of addins seems to be a little tricky and does not work from time to time (on the Shaper forum I tried to help someone with issues on the Shaper Origin addin). AutoDesk is not really helpful with this issues.



Site for tool addicts

one of the topics of last weeks PDO hangout was tools.
You might find this site interesting:
ο»Ώ ο»ΏI bought several of the recommended China tools and was not disappointed so far. So be warned you might spend a lot of money πŸ˜€


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F360 tutorials in German

Hi Kevin and all the others,

I do not know, if you understand any German, but it might be worth to take a look into this YouTube channel.
From the main concept it is quite different from your approach. I have the impression, that it is not very structured (of course there is a main story line). For the beginner it might be a little too fast. But if you already have some basic knowledge of F360 you might get some new ideas.

Here is the link to Mistermestro's YT channelΒ 



Polygon not really parametric


if you use user parameters for the text height in a text box, the parameter is taken but not updated if you change the parameter later.
As I just found out, the same applies to designing a polygon. The radius is correctly taken and updated from the parameters, but not the number of sides.
If you draw a polygon with 5 sides with a user parameter "sides=5" it produces what you would expect. If you now change the parameter to 6, the polygon still has 5 sides.
My workaround for this problem is, to create the polygon with one line, a bit of calculation and a circular pattern. For circular patterns, the user parameters are updated.
As the new text box is not so old, there might be an update for this behaviour. But I believe the polygon function is one of the basic functions of Fusion360 and must be part of it form the early start. Strange, that it still not works as you would expect. Or am I the only one who draws parametric polygons?πŸ˜€