Andy Burda

Retired Maker
Hi, I'm a retired Marine Engineer who's interested in getting more use out of my 2' X4' plasma table. I'm hoping to upgrade from Mach 3 to the new Avid tweeked Mach 4 and hopefully their 2' X 4' table.

rectangle pattern selection issue.

I was trying to select a slot that I modeledΒ  onto a 2"X36" piece of 10 gauge and then to use the rectangle pattern to duplicate 5 more slots into it. For some reason it won't recognize my selection. Any thoughts?

CNC Plasma Table.

Well I'm making progress in getting my plasma table up and running. I have an older "Burntables" 2'X4' table that I purchased some years back. 2 years ago I purchased and Router Parts CNC nema 23 control box and plasma setup to retrofit to the table. I retired from the San Francisco fire boats 2 years ago and relocated to San Diego (to a little house that my pop built more than 6 decades ago.) I upgraded the software to Avid's Mach 4, a new mini tower and after some fits and starts, made my first cuts in a couple of years,Β  two days ago. I'm still trying to make some progress with the Sheetcam software that Avid uses. I found several you tube videos on how to use Sheetcam to just pierce places where I want to drill some holes with a twist drill, but the Avid, adjusted post processor for Sheetcam doesn't seem to recognize different layers. It worked in the Sheetcam simulator, but not Mach 4. It's a slow, laborious process getting help, but the good thing about being retired is I have time now.Β 

Where am I?

I joined shortly after you set this site up but as I check, I'm no longer among the members. Can you tell me what happened?
Andrew BΒ 
(andy b got here first and has that moniker)


Hi all, I'm Andy Burda and I see that Andy B is already taken by another retired engineer. I'm a retired Marine Engineer who's relocated to Southern California and am looking forward to getting my 2'X4' plasma table back up and running after a couple of years. I've played around with Fusion for several years and have been looking for something like this to "unstuck" me when I get stuck. I'm looking forward to getting better at fusion and using my table more.