Peter Middleton

Husband, Dog Owner, Genuine Aussie Larrikin, Computer Programmer, Four Wheel Driver, Woodworker, Coffee Snob
I'm a genuine aussie larrikin who love his wife and dog, camping, four wheel driving, and coffee. I've taken up woodworking to make things to make my life around the home, in the car, and while camping easier. I also plan on getting into 3d Printing.

Sorry folks. Went quiet.

Hey folks, 

I went quiet for a bit. Life has been hectic here in Brisbane, Queensland. 

While we're on alert, we're basically COVID free here in Queensland until they allow the vaccinated in the other states (and those from Overseas) are allowed back in from mid-December. 

So, we've been out and about. My wife has been doing a fair bit of running (I'm built for comfort, not speed) so we've been away a bit to the beach. (Really, really tough for me, let me tell you. But the things you do, right?) 

And, as a result of too many beers and some false bravado, I've dropped us into a 3-week 5,000-6,000 klm (~3100-3700mi) trip across the Simpson Desert to Uluru and back home for next year.  You know, only one of those trips that I've been dreaming of since i was a kid (and I turn 50 next year) 

(The trip includes a 5 day desert crossing where you have to be completely self-reliant. No towns, no fuel, no food, and worse, no pub.....) 

So, yeah, back into Fusion 360 to design custom storage drawers for the rear cargo storage area of Brutus the Nissan Patrol (Safari), along with 3d printed or folded metal custom brackets for 2 way radios and microphones, GoPro mounts and all the other bits and bobs that will need to travel with us. Probably also going to need to take the 2nd row seats out as well to hold the flexible water bladder along with the tools and parts we'll need to carry, so a custom (either wood or aluminium) shelf in that space to match the drawer height will be required.  

So, yeah, back at it.... 
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Can't "Open in Fusion 360" from a website.

I'm sure most of you know a YouTuber called Ivan Miranda. HUGE on 3D printing. Anyway, Father-in-Law's big digital clock broke and i thought I'd have a look at what Ivan had done with his. For that one day when I might actually get a 3D printer.

Anyway, he's got his drawing of the digit frame at and the link gives you two options in the top right: Open in Fusion 360 & Download.

I didnt really need to download them, but I wanted to open them in Fusion 360 and have a play with them.

Click the link and the following screen comes up:

I know I've got F360, I'm learning how to use it. And I designed stuff to try and win a 3D printer. 

But it just wont automatically transfer. 

Any clues? 

#DIY August 2021 Design Contest Entry.

Okie dokey. 

I have uploaded the four little containers I designed to hold:
  • hand sanitiser
  • apple air pods
  • off-brand wireless ear buds
  • glasses
The hand sanitiser requires a piece of 4mm shock cord tied in a loop to the loop side opposite the hook. To hold the bottle in, twist the shock cord, place the larger side over the neck, twist again, and hook it over the hook. 

The other 3 all require hinges to hold the lid in place. BE WARNED, I'm not sure the lids will open, as displayed. I think the little buttons on the ends of the latches are too large. (if someone prints them and wants to give me feedback, that'd be great. I don't have a 3d printer.)

I really wanted to enter a fifth piece, a holder for an Asthma puffer, but I ran out of both time and talent. (more the latter, sadly) Maybe as I improve with Fusion 360.... 

Anyway, there it is. 

(I didn't knowhow to combine them into one file so I uploaded them into a folder:
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Fusion 360 Offline

I was of the impression that Fusion 360 worked while one was offline. 

I've got an internet outage and attempted to do some work on my submissions for the design contest and it tells me that I have no internet connection and need to be signed in. 

(I'm using the Personal - Not for Commercial Use version.)

Is this something that has become unavailable to Personal users like me? 

Why wont this extrude....

Hi folks. 

I'm madly designing my entry for the Thangs/PDO competition for "Return to School". 

I asked my nieces and nephews for inspiration and my nephews could only commit to weapons.... That's 16 year-old boys for you. 

My niece, and my sister, came up with some great suggestions - to make little holders that would clip onto bags or belts using carabiners, for things like AirPods, Hand Sanitizer, Glasses, and I thought of an asthma puffer, also. (I'm yet to go to the pharmacy to see if they have a puffer I can use to take photos of) 

I'm designing the Airpods case (based around my generic no-name knock-offs) at the moment, but I'm having trouble making the lid. I've sketched out the rough shape I want but it won't extrude - and it's annoying me. 

Would someone mind taking a look and letting me know why this aint happening? 

(Some notes: 
  • I plan on making print in place hinges on this particular case. You know, just because I don't have enough stress in my life....
  • I haven't finished, I will fillet all the sharp edges. 1mm ought to do it. that's the very last thing on the list.
  • There needs to be a clip put on here for the carabiner to clip into it. I may decide to go back and create a MOLLE/PALS version of all of these, I haven't decided.
  • Sorry, folks, it's in Millimetres.... for 3D printing purposes. (cough, cough) 
  • This is knocked together for the overall design/concept. This is not a test of my skill with Fusion 360 - which is terrible, I know....) 
    Pods Case v1.f3d
    131 KB

I built a thing! (It's not much, but I built it)

G'day team,

I know this isn'much, but I built a bench to put my jobsite saw on.

I first drew it up in Fusion 360 when I had no idea what I was doing, and the drawing has disappeared somewhere, but I measured the saw and made the overall height to match my (Steve Ramsay Basic Mobile Workbench) and the tall cupboard to suit the height on the saw.

Its never going to win any beauty contestsbut I don't care. It's a safe, stable workspace to use my saw on and has a place to store some of my junk.

The wheels are those which allow the cabinet to sit onthe floor, yet kick them down and you can roll the bench and put it away. (my workshop is my single car garage.) They were crazy expensive here in Australia so I will only put them on projects where there is a dangerous, unguarded blade or bit poking through a hole, like a router table, from now on.

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Modelling tube bends?

Hey team, 

I know flat and linear shapes work well in Fusion 360 but what about tube bending? 

I'm all about off-roading and would love to design my one, out of this world rock sliders, something to make my Nissan Patrol, Brutus, really stand out as my own. They also have to function as protection bars for the sill from rocks bashing up and protect the doors if ever I was to slide down a side slope and into a bank/mound or tree. 

Obviously, my wife is shorter than I am would like to use them to help her get into the vehicle as well. 

These are generally made put of DOM steel tube, which is bent, and flat metal is curved around to create the step. 

How does Fusion 360 handle this in a design sense. (I've really got no ideas in mind yet, I just know I do want the truck's nickname, Brutus, cut out of the step to match the seat covers, and maybe even lit at night, which I can easily do)

Fusion 360 to G Code for CNC routing?

Hi all, 
I'm just wondering.... I've been watching a few videos on YouTube about making ones own CNC router with an arduino, some other electronics, some aluminium extrusion, and some 3D printed parts. I'm thinking that this doesn't look that difficult at all. 

If I do a design and (I am sure) Fusion generated my a cut list, can Fusion 360 automatically write the G Code for the CNC or would you have to export it (?STL) and run that through a 3rd party application? 

Wannabe Designer....

Hi Team, 
I'm Peter from Brisbane Australia. I've always wanted to learn some form of CAD but never had a real reason. Now I do. 

I'm a four wheel driver and camper, so making things to store my stuff in has been a challenge, so I'm teaching myself woodworking. I hope to get into 3D Printing very soon, also. 

I'm married and we have a dog, Bartlett. My hobbies also include electronics, home repairs and maintenance, and coffee. I don't mind a beer around a campfire, either. 
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