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Hi everyone, I am experiencing some trouble with a printed part with ASA filament (1,75mm), the part keeps on warping, and deforming the flat action surface. I have tried increasing temeprature of bed to 110ºC, building with rafts, adjusting infill...  However same problem keeps appearing...

The backside of the part has a draft angle of 5º and 40º, that shouldnt supose any problem for the print. The backside of the part, curves inwards, pushing the action surface (or intended flat surface) outwards. This is due to the separation of an outside edge off the bed. It happens only on one side of the part. At the moment i am trying to print the same part with round edges, but i can see the same problem is happening once again. Any help would be awesome since i have a deadline for hanidng this in soon.


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   a. I am working in mallorca on, a yacht design industry
   b. How long have you been using Fusion 360? For 2 months, but been using solidworks along these years.
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3D printing 
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Getting good results and printable parts for mechanisms, and how to avoid failure.
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Get advise on how to imporve my 3D printing overall (DFMA on FDM) and be an expert with challenging materials such as ABS, Nylon and ASA
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