Andrew Mann

lover of great products & entrepreneur
I'm loving Fusion and have a long list of product ideas I'd like to manifest.

Filament choices?

I have been using Prusament PLA for FDM prototyping which has been absolutely fantastic (and for me so much better than using SLA/+resin I can't say enough positive things) but have noticed much less expensive brands on Amazon; there's one for sale now at $16/1k roll. Does anyone have any strong opinions about filament to buy? I'd be interested to hear about particularly good experiences with other types of materials too if there is anything anyone wants to share. Thanks.

Little Mini Infinity Powersprouter - progress

Still a long way to go, but I have been successfully printing on the Prusa strainer meshes that use the Flower of Life that are making me happy! I really love the texture that is produced on the bottom layer, its nubby. Top layer is flat but looks fine. I wonder if there is a way to make it nubby too, not ironed 🤔
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Getting a product all the way to the hoop

Designing is fun, but am I the only one here who wants to see my work get to market profitably? Here's one that I could easily have designed - the tea infuser, I actually have a similar (but different) concept that I have been working on. I know how to make the wood coupler using a CNC - the shopbot at my local makerspace probably good enough although not sure how to scale. I am able to design the glass part on Fusion but manufacturing that is still a mystery to me. Overall, I'm still wondering how to create something like this and bring it all together so people can enjoy it and hopefully make enough money to make the effort worthwhile. Is this a subject others would be up for discussing? I wonder if we could invite designers here to talk about their journeys, would that be interesting to anyone else? Maybe the founder of Ukiyo would zoom with us?

Product Design Trends & The Algorithm

I thought this recent youtube video was interesting:
(Is posting something like this here helpful/of interest/appropriate venue? Apologies if not just lmk)


Some extrudes won't extrude :(

Hmm. SO I'm fooling around with a Flower of Life pattern to make a straining lid. I sketch my circles, and then extrude the pedals to cut. Fusion won't let me extrude all the pedals in a single extrude, so I do a handful at a time, manually. Works fine, except in this example there are 4 pedals that just simply will not cut no matter how many times I try. I have tried this on another lid with a different sketch of the Flower of Life pattern - likewise, most pedals extrude/cut fine, but then there are holdouts. Any idea why? Workaround?
New Lid v38.f3d
2.43 MB

Don't try this at home

I had no idea how much work went into making a fork! Kind of makes me want to just use my hands...

Toasty Tongs

My friend wanted me to make a copy of her tongs for her - she wanted an extra pair, but the original manufacturer has discontinued it. All I had to work from was her photo and an old 2D advertisement for the product I found on Google Images.  I used some techniques I learned in the PDO spoon tutorial, yay! I think I got it pretty close. 😎

I have been able to prove out my design using my 3D resin printer, but that plastic is so toxic! Any suggestions how to get the tong body manufactured in either a food grade plastic or bamboo without spending too much money? I can print the egg face on my printer and glue on. 

If I wanted to go into the Toasty Tong business, how could I have 1000 manufactured in bamboo or some other food grade and pleasing material that wouldn't cost too much per unit?
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Hi Kevin - Perhaps you are already doing this, or have no interest? What is currently working well for me is I am attending a weekly 2 hour discussion group via Zoom (on another interest of mine, philosophy) hosted by a professor who decided during the pandemic to just offer it to the world for free and see if anyone shows up. About 9 of us do - we all found him via his Youtube channel. His vibe attracted his tribe, as you are doing here! The format is he suggests to us something to read for each week, and then opens each meeting with 15 minutes or so of his own comments and thoughts. And then we all just talk about whatever comes up - he is a marvelous moderator and leader. Everyone is learning and we laugh a lot. It feels interactive among the students in a way that is lacking in most online instruction. I have made new friends that I may even keep in touch with outside of class.

Just figured I would throw this out there in case it is helpful, and because you solicit input. You already have contributed SO MUCH to my world there is no need to change anything, that's for sure, thank you! But I am curious if by creating a more immersive social environment I would find people who would want to collaborate on things with me, or at least it would just be more motivating and inspiring by interacting with people that share my current affinities.

Hello from the SF Bay Area, California

Hello World 😃 I have been using Fusion for a bit more than a year. My dream is to create products for others that are delightful - anyone reading this post please feel free to reply to me what that word "delightful" means to you! I have many ideas but the products I have been working on lately are kitchen toys and fountains. Beyond CAD I have also been learning Arduino for about a year, some stuff on fluid dynamics, and 3D printing. And hermeticism and alchemy lol. Hoping that in combination I will be able to manifest a decent working prototype of my first product, the Infinity Powersprouter. 

Thank you for creating this community Kevin, your tutorials are fantastic. You are right; learning & working alone is lonely. I really prefer creative collaboration whenever possible and like helping others and definitely here to make new friends.
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