Dori Alameda

Woodworker Hobbiest
Hello, I am a dental Hygienist in Florida living the life. I have been doing woodworking for 10 years for fun but have really upped my skills this last year. I love the beach, kayaking, bike riding, hiking, and Im new to 3D printing.

iPhone case

I want to try and design an iPhone case for my new iPhone 12 mini. I have searched all over for a free model like the one Kevin uses in his iPhone X tutorial but can't find anything. Β I don't really know what kind of file I am looking for and wonder if Im searching wrong. Β Or maybe since its new, no one is giving away free models. Β Does anyone know what I should do? Β If I wanted to pay for it, I would just buy the case lol.
Hello from Florida! Β I Have been a hobbiest woodworker for Β 15 years but have increased my skill a bunch last year. I learned basic sketch up last year but wasn't really good yet. Β  I Β got a 3d printer for Christmas and have been learning fusion360 from YouTube. Β I really like your style of teaching and wanted more woodworking videos so here I am. Β 
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