What's the best practice for creating this shape?

It's a little bit quiet in here so I thought I'd ask a question about something that has been bothering me a while now. I'm comfortable sketching on planes but in this case, I don't know what the best practice is.

Forgive the crudeness of the imagery, but below are the top and side views of an object. When looking down on the object from the top, it appears to be flat, until the side profile is viewed, when we see that it is not. How would one go about sketching this in order to get the right three-dimensional form? 
top view
side view

Here's my progress so far, but now I need to add that rise to it as seen in the side view.

Does anyone have access to Solidworks and would be willing to convert an SLDPRT file for Fusion 360?

Ball clamp

Here's is one component of a larger project, it is a ball clamp for the end of a threaded rod, with hardware incorporated directly from McMaster-Carr. All components of the project will be printed on my Ender 3 Pro with NylonX, a carbon fiber infused nylon filament.

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Hey y'all

This is a great idea, Kevin. I look forward to seeing how it grows and compliments what you do.

I used to love drafting and mechanical design in high school but life took me away from those things. I've always been a builder and tinkerer but the purchase of a 3D printer got me into Fusion 360 and back into design and modeling. I tend to focus on functional and practical designs and prints. It's been a year now since I started down this path, and I can say that with Kevin's excellent tutorials and help, nothing is impossible now. I think Kevin's content is by far consistently the best on the subject and I never fail to learn what I need, as well as something new in each video. Because of what he does, he became the first person I supported on Patreon. 

Best of luck with what you do Kevin, and I look forward to learning and contributing to the community in the future.