Robert Jacobson

On a computer, 'laziness is efficiency.'
An old guy who likes to create stuff, and learn new things. Into 3D printers, computers, and getting back into woodworking.

So Kevin....

Just wondering when a "Masterclass" for Designing for 3D printing, including the special 'bonus' section for those into multi-colored printing, especially with MMU's, Pallettes, and IDEX printers is going to come out?
Does that sound like a 'hint' or what? 😁
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Ready to try the Academy!

Are the Academy options all the same, except for the payment options?

Two color STL exports

I've watched bunches of Kevin's great videos, but have not been able to figure out how to get lettering on an object as a second color.
In this case, it's a yarn bowl.
Using the Emboss Tool does not seem to offer a way to separate the lettering from the model. The attached file is what I have so far.
(As a side note, I hope Kevin considers making some videos for 2 color projects as IDEX printers are becoming more common!)

YarnBowl v8.f3d
992 KB

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Hi, Bob from Minnesota

Been using Fusion 360 for a couple of months. 
I have a couple of 3d printers. 
I want to be able to design my own models.