Two Circle sketches within each other

Hey all,

I'm am trying to select the area between the inner and outer circle so I can duplicate the image in the canvas. Clearly, I'm doing something wrong here.

I have also tried placing the inner circle sketch on the outer circle without luck.

Pokey Holes


The designer of the EVA x carriage uses a technique that I find to be fantastically useful. When he models a part for counter sink screw hole or nut trap that has to be placed down on the build plate (therefore creating a overhand with the recess), he adds a single layer bridge as support, rather than needing support from the bed up to the overhang.

Here is his description of the pokey hole:

Relevant Picture from site

How it shows up in the slicer



How it shows up in Fusion:

My question: Is there an easy way to add this 0.2mm layer (or whatever layer height I want) to a preexisting model.

Specifically, this:


Misaligned Model

I posted this over on discord, but I'll ask it here as I haven't made any headway.

 I have an object where when I open the step file, it is aligned with the X,Y,Z axis as one would expect, but when I select it to move, it doesn't move in a straight up, down, left/ is skewed. Any idea what caused this, or how to fix? 

The model even exports as such. The selection box is square to the print bed, but the object is skewed within. 

Hey all!

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