Surface Modelling and Lofts/Sweeps

Hello all. I have been trying to resolve this problem for days now so I am looking for some help. I am trying to finish off the top of this F16 radio antenna and I cannot seem to be able to thicken the surface after I sweep it around the perimeter of the top. I get errors when I try to thicken the top piece and I do not understand nor know how to fix these issues.
F16 Radio Antenna Mod v10.f3d
246 KB

 I have included the .f3d file as well as a crappy photo showing the antennas. Any assistance is appreciated.


Hello all. I reside in Ontario, Canada and am working as a hobbyist using Fusion 360 for the last 18 months. I do a lot of hobbyist design and 3d printing for other hobbyists mostly related to RC aircraft and RC cars. I am also interested in CNC machining and would like to eventually learn the CAM part of Fusion to use on a hobbyist CNC router. 

I find advanced sketching (3d sketching) and subsequent lofting, sweeps as my greatest area of challenge at the moment. I believe being a constructive part of a community like this would be a benefit to help others based on what I have learned so far and improve skills to be of further assistance in addition to furthering work in my 3d printing, CNC and RC aircraft hobbies.
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