Oliver Briggs

3D Printing and Fusion 360 Enthusiast
I am a Fusion 360 Instructor in the UK. I am also the community manager of the Autodesk Ambassador Hub, Autodesk's Education Community

Alexa Echo Dot Lamp

Having had a lot of fun on my Alexa Rocket Case I thought I would have a go at a design with a bit more functionality!

This lamp fits an echo dot in its centre and passively amplifies the sound through the base to make it louder! The base is split into two parts along the edges of the amplifying horns so that it can be milled from wood (although not the easiest milling operation, you can see the two part separate on the thangs upload!) 
On the top the buttons are still accessible and the light ring can be seen. The light bulb and lampshade are supported by a generatively designed support which can be 3D printed (although again not a partially easy print!) The Alexa and lamp wires run through the centre of the base and out the bottom for easy cable management. 

Whilst not ideal for mass manufacture it would defiantly be possible to manufacture if you had the right equipment! 

Thangs Link: https://thangs.com/oliverbriggs/Alexa-Lamp-14052

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Alexa Echo Rocket Case

I thought I would have a go at the smart devices challenge! This is a case designed for the full size Alexa Echo and modelled in Fusion 360. It is shaped to look like a rocket but uses organic shapes to make it a bit more interesting and to allow the speakers to still give out good volume with a fully enclosed case! Added a few books etc for reference in the render! 😃
Thangs Link: https://thangs.com/oliverbriggs/Amazon-Alexa-Echo-Rocket-Case-13832
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Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone! 
Its great to be here! 
I started using Fusion 360 almost 4 years ago as part of my university degree and nowadays I do quite a lot of teaching it both online and in person (when its possible)
I do a lot of 3D printing both at uni and at home and love taking part in projects and competitions where I can!
I am also one of the community managers for the Autodesk Ambassador Hub (Autodesk's Education Community) so it is great to be here on this community! I am really looking forward to seeing how the community develops!