Chris Mattison

3D Design Enthusiast
Hi all! I'm a CAD Drafter/Designer and CNC Programmer/Operator. I have a background using software such as: AutoCAD, Inventor, Solidworks, Fusion 360, Gibbscam, and EnRoute.

Google Home Cone

Here's my entry for the smart home device challenge. The moment I saw the Google Home example, this idea popped into my head. Hope you like it.

File link:

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Hi, all! I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and I've dabbled with Fusion 360 since it's introduction. I started using it seriously a few years ago designing parts and making CNC programs for the fabrication shop at my (former) job. While I no longer have access to the big CNC machines, I do throw some things on my little Kudo Bean 3D printer on occasion. I always liked that Fusion 360 had a streamlined look while containing the power and sophistication of much larger programs like Inventor and Solidworks. I'm a huge fan of 3D Art and Design, but my biggest challenge is sculpting. I'm constantly on the lookout for tutorials to enhance my skillset, with Kevin's being among some of my favorites. By joining this community, I hope to continue to learn and grow amongst fellow professionals and enthusiasts alike.