How to renew hobby F360

I followed the instructions on your YT video but something has changed as far as the location on the website to renew hobbyist F360. Can you clear this up for me


I am currently working on getting my Frankenstein-build for Temp and humidity station. Picked up a 28v solar panel, a board that takes 28 volts and steps it down to 5 volts I then feed that into a Li-ion 18650 cell charger board which is connected to the cells and load. The load is ESP8266 Dev Bd or NodeMCU board.
I now am waiting on the USB board that will take the output from the load side of the cell charger which is 4.2 volts and boosts it up to 5v. Once complete will box it up place it in an area that gets sun and test it. If all goes well will take and all the layout boards mentioned and create a motherboard for those boards to plug into.  which I will modularize the board. Then print containing for mounting. The final solution for displaying actions from the motion sensors and other items will be to display in Home Assistant.
 them around the home.
Here is a peek at the HA front end I plan on using.

Not sure of the terminology

Please forgive the ignorance involving this question. I have seen many articles on how to take a picture of something and import it into Fusion 360. Then dimension one part of the imported pic and have the entire pic take on the correct dimensions of the object.
It would be nice to have a step by step video on how to carry this out.

Member of wood working class

Please allow access to the woodworking class. 
oh and maybe add a link to the woodworking website.

Fully Constrained?

I am having difficulty with constraints again. If you look at the pictures included you will see the half-circle is not fully constrained and while trying to get it to become fully constrained noticed something odd.

Look closely at the two pics one has the cursor off to the side and it shows blue lines or not fully constrained. If I move the cursor into the circle area it changes the blue half circle to black or appears as if it is fully constrained. To be clear I am only moving the cursor from one location to the other. 
First question what is happening with the constraints shown? 
Second question how do I fix something that is not fully constrained?
.Oh and if you see this just noticed the "Cover Image" is allowed and has requirements of recommended dimensions of 840 x 300. Does anyone know of a way to reduce an existing picture to the size required?

Howdy All

Retired and working in my hobbies.
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