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Amateur Photographer
Retired IT interested in learning CAD Fusion 360

How to Create separate lining to be attached to original model

I've create a model and generated a 3D print.  I now want to add an inner liner to a portion of that object shown in the attached images, print it in a different color filament, then glue it to the original body. The "liner" walls need to be 1.5mm thick.
In general, my question is probably "How do I create a separate body with walls that fit inside of the original body? Sort of like it was molded to fit, but not necessarily a closed body like a ball.  More like lining a metal thermos with a glass interior."
Any suggestions?


Enthused, But Confused - Question about Square Meets Rounded

Greatly enjoying your tutorials, however I'm having a hard time getting past this design. Trying to go from a rectangle to a flared, curved edge. Bad image, sorry. The right arrow shows a rectangular shape going to a flared shape on all faces, resulting in a curved edge pointed to by the left arrow. I tried extruding from the rectangle, but it doesn't blend the joint as shown in the photo. Can you point me to a tutorial that might address this, or give me a starting point?

Confused, but Enthused

Just learning Fusion 360 as a hobbyist.  Not a lot of local support here, so interested in seeing others' questions and answers.