Electronics, 3D Printing, CNC, lasers! oh my. Fusion is my goto design tool.

Central Texas USA maker

Howdy folks (Its a Texas thing),
I am a retired software/hardware engineer that still loves making stuff. I dabble in electronics, wallow in wood/metal, and love building 3D printers (latest is a Voron2.4). I took Kevin's woodworking course and learned a lot. It made me miss my cabinet shop that I moved away from in 2012. Now I am trying to make the leap to CAM. A new CNC (Bantam Tools) arrives next month. 

I've been using Fusion a little over a year (primarily for 3D printer modeling). Lately I have been trying to introduce myself to the Eagle portion, building small circuit boards. 

I have so many projects I want to do this year. It looks like I might be moving westward soon. If so, I plan to build a big shop to hold all the toys. (A project in itself).