3DConnexion firmware release for macOS Big Sur users

For those macOS Big Sur users that have a 3DConnexion Cadmouse Pro Wireless - 3Dconnexion just released a firmware update procedure that will get your mouse working again...and this time you don't need a Windows PC to complete the firmware update. ย You can do everything from your Mac. ย Their instructions are a little funky so feel free to hit me up if you need help.

Course Assessment for Fusion 360 Masterclass for Woodworkers - short version , its EXCELLENT

Here's the long version.ย  A month ago I had no idea what CAD or CAM stood for but I knew I needed to get into CNC routing for both efficiency and safety reasons.ย  I found the CNC device I want to purchase but decided I had better make sure I could learn the software side before shelling out a few thousand dollars on hardware.ย  I use a Mac so that led me to Fusion360.ย  I downloaded the free version and opened it up.ย  My initial reaction was this is like learning how to pilot a nuclear submarine when all I need is a rowboat.ย  But Fusion360 was the only CAD/CAM program I found that was compatible with Mac so I went looking for youtube videos and stumbled upon PDO's Learn in 30 Days series.ย  I spent everyday going through lessons and completed it about 15days.ย  And with some help from Kevin I had my first file completed for my business (I build guitars).ย  But I still felt like I hadn't really learned just what this Fusion360 Submarine could do so I bought the Masterclass for Woodworkers course.ย  Going through Kevin's 30 day course was my first good decision as it provided a good basic foundation of Fusion360.ย  I found the Woodworkers course to finally get me feeling like I know what I'm doing and how to proceed on new projects on my own.ย  One unexpected bonus inside the Woodworkers course is the Rendering course.ย  I had no idea just how photorealistic Fusion360 can make of our creations. I have include a couple pics of the computer desk where I chose koa and quilted maple since I use both in my guitar building.ย  I was blown away how realistic they look.ย  Also the tip that Kevin gives about changing the texture took it to a whole new level. I can't overstate the value to being able to quickly render multiple paint & finish schemes for a new product.ย  To be able to post realistic examples on social media to gain market feedback is priceless.ย  So bottomline, the Masterclass for Woodworkers is worth ever dime in my book...and I'm one cheap SOB so that is saying a lot.ย  The problem now is I'm out of excuses on holding off on shelling out the big bucks for the CNC machine.๐Ÿค‘

Notice the differences between the two pics on the drawer face grain...thanks to Kevin's tip on moving the texture around.๏ปฟ
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